Settlement mothers get training

Normal, Papua

The National- Monday, January 17, 2011


LIFE in squatter settlements in urban centres can be very hard and challenging at times trying to put up with the high costs of living and make ends meet.

Marianne Gui from Chimbu is one who had such a story to tell.

She is a mother of three and has lived at the 5-Mile settlement in Port Moresby for 17 years.

Gui has big dreams of improving the livelihood of her family, including others in her community, as she juggles with the role of being a mum and as a World Vision volunteer as a literacy teacher for children.

While she was in her volunteer job, she was asked by World Vision to put out a notice to interested mothers for a garment production training.

It was a three-month course at the Limana Vocational School at Gordon sponsored by World Vision.

Unfortunately, no one showed interest so Gui decided to put her name down as she could not let the golden opportunity slip by.

“When I saw that many of the women were not interested, I put my name down.

“I saw this as a once in a lifetime opportunity,” Gui said.

With great determination and enthusiasm, she managed to complete her course successfully and graduated last month.

She said she was also fortunate to take this short course as her children and husband were supportive.

She also thanked World Vision for providing her the opportunity.

Gui is now confident that the skills gained would go a long way in helping her to sew meri blouses and do tie dying to earn money for her family.

Gui was among 51 other participants who were sponsored by World Vision under its Port Moresby vulnerable children project.

The project comes under the mother and child health education sector.

Literacy officer Kathy Maipu said the project would wind down this year but she hopes it is continued as it gives the disadvantaged a second chance in life.

The aim of the project is to improve the well-being of vulnerable children and their families in NCD settlements.