Settlement youths taught leadership

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TWENTY-three youths from Madang settlements went through a week-long leadership training last weekend.
The training was an initiative of Rotary International aimed at empowering youths and help develop self-esteem to contribute meaningfully to their settlements and personal lives.
Coordinator Maureen Hill said disadvantaged youths were identified and involved in the training so that they could meaningfully contribute something to the community.
She said Rotary International, as part of its community support, decided to focus on youth development and allowed them to appreciate themselves as humans with the same abilities like those of any other person.
She said the youths went through intensive training on issues like knowing the human rights law and life skills training such as managing resources like money.
Female participant Shannen Daniel Tokasiu said the training opened their eyes on the issues faced by the youths.
Ms Tokasiu said too often, authorities like the police abused them but through the training they knew their rights under the UN Human Right Convention and the Constitution.
She said too often, they thought they were useless but they have the same kind of rights and capabilities like other people who prosper in life.
The training also covered tourism, health and safety, conflict resolution, sexual and family violence, public speaking, finance and bookkeeping, small business project planning, social responsibilities among manytopics covered.
The students were issued certificate of participation after the practical income generating activity session was completed.