Sexual abuse case adjourned as victim falls ill

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THE National Court in Lae, Morobe province, has adjourned a sexual abuse trial because the victim was sick.
The girl, now 18, was abused from the time she was 13 in 2004 until 2006.
The first two State witnesses were the victim’s mother and a peace officer.
Both said they learnt of the abuse after she told them.
During the testimony, the mother said the accused was her young biological brother.
When adjourning the trial yesterday, Justice George Manuhu said there was nothing concrete and wanted something substantial to continue to with the hearing.
The trial is expected to continue today.
The accused, Waso Efef, in his 20s, is from Gabsonkeg village, Wampar in Huon Gulf.
He was charged with one count of sexual abuse of a child under the age of 16.
Efef has pleaded not guilty.
The State alleged that between Jan 1, 2004, and Dec 30, 2006,the accused was at Gabsonkeg.
The court heard that during that time, the first incident occurred when the victim was working in the garden and Efef sexually penetrated her.
The State also alleged that after the first incident, he then had sexual intercourse with her nine times.
The 10th time was on Dec 30, 2006, when the victim was 15 years old.
The State alleged that the crime was a persistent abuse of a child under the age of 16.