Shame on you, PNGDF hierarchy

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The National – Tuesday, December 7, 2010

ON Nov 29, The National reported that the PNGDF new recruits paraded in new field gears donated by the Australian defence force.
Why is the Australian government still funding the PNGDF?
The government is continuously boasting that Papua New Guinea is experiencing an economic boom.
As such, it should be funding the PNGDF.
However, that is not the case and the ADF is still funding fuel for back-up generators at our PNGDF headquarters in Murray Barracks which houses the commander’s office, his chiefs and directors; office of the Defence secretary and assistant secretaries.
Don’t the commander and his senior officers feel ashamed?
Why is the PNGDF headquarters still in darkness?
For the readers’ information, the headquarters has been in darkness for the past eight months.
Did all the funds go to overseas travels even though resources are limited?
If the Australians are funding the PNGDF, then I call on the prime minister to appoint one of the ADF brigadier-generals to run our defence force.


Frustrated nco
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