Shopkeepers urged to respect, abide by laws

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The Nationl, Monday 3rd September, 2012

A LOCAL businessman in East New Britain wants all the shopkeepers to abide by the provincial and national laws when it comes to public holidays.
He wants the provincial and national authorities to enforce the law if it was not respected.
Maravut Security Services managing director Joseph Paneng said some Asian-run business houses conducted normal business on Monday while people observed National Covenant Day (Aug 27).
A frustrating Paneng said it was only fair for these businesses to respect the laws of PNG because they were conducting business in PNG.
“The people are becoming slaves at their workplaces as many business houses do not consider or care about the welfare of our locals as they do not allow them to attend to sick, death and other issues affecting their livelihood,” he claimed.
He said although business houses provide employment benefits and service to the people, they should cooperate and abide with the laws of the country.
“If they do not follow and abide by our laws then it must be enforced by the provincial and national government authorities,” he said.
Paneng said in the 1980s there was a high respect for public holidays and believes it should be maintained.