SHP on the lookout for cholera

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AN AWARENESS campaign against cholera is being carried out in the Southern Highlands amid fears that the disease could spread quickly to the province.
Rumours were circulating last week that a schoolgirl had contracted cholera, but authorities dismissed this.
Mendi General Hospital chief executive officer Joe Turian said on Monday no case of cholera had been reported in the province yet.
Mr Turian said if cholera entered the province, it would spread quickly because of its contagious nature.
He said currently, as a precautionary measure, the hospital was conducting awareness of the disease by broadcasting on the local 90.5 Muruk FM/NBC Radio Southern Highlands.
He said public notices and information posters about cholera had also been placed at strategic locations around Mendi town.
Mr Turian said the hospital staff and management had also called for a total ban on the sale of cooked food along the roads, public places and markets in Mendi town as they were likely hot spots where people could contract the disease.