SHP way behind in development

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday July 4th, 2013

 ADMINISTRATION after administration since 1975 have proposed several ideas of bringing development to Southern Highlands.

Despite all these proposals for bringing development, the Southern Highlands has been going backwards. Some of the proposals were partly implemented, others failed. 

This is evident when we look at all our deteriorating major health centres, roads, bridges, schools, electricity, water supply and the look of our central town, Mendi. 

The list goes on. 

Enough of remaining silent, it has come to a point where we can no longer hold back the tears. 

It is time for us to rise up for the common good and say no to inappropriate deals. 

It is now or never. 

We must question the “Graduate Scheme” introduced by the Southern Highlands provincial executive council. 

Of course, the scheme is very important, beneficial and one can describe it as “something new” for the development of human resources in Southern Highlands. 

Generally, the majority of the public can comment positively on its benefits and say that it is a stepping stone.

However, let us pause for a moment and ask ourselves some key big questions. 

Do we have enough graduates in the province like Enga, Morobe and some other provinces where their governments have been prioritising and 

sponsoring students?

Did the previous provincial government and the current government look into human resources for the province and sponsor its tertiary students?

Can we expect some of our students studying in Australia or America to be benefiting from the scheme?

Are we producing enough students from our existing secondary schools to enter universities and colleges?

Did the provincial government at any time consider sponsoring students or funding of human resources for the province?

If our answers to the above questions are all negative, then there is no point in us having the graduate scheme. 

How can we expect to have graduates in our province when we know for the fact that human resource is neglected or that we are not producing enough students to enter universities and colleges?

Truly speaking, there are few, if any, Southern Highlands students in all the universities and colleges.

The Southern Highlands students have been neglected by our provincial government since independence 

Therefore, we as the upcoming graduates, demand that aside from the graduates scheme,  students from the elementary up to tertiary level must be sponsored by the provincial government of Southern Highlands. 


Concerned Southern Highlander

Via email