SHP youths plan peaceful protest

National, Normal

The National, Monday 17th June 2013

 YOUTHS in Southern Highlands are planning a peaceful protest to air their grievances on issues that have not been addressed by the provincial government.

Mendi urban youth leader Pesu Manua said the provincial government had promised to assist youth groups in the Mendi district this year but nothing had been done so far. 

He claimed that Governor William Powi only made available funds to youths from the Nipa-Kutubu district while others were overlooked.

“At first when we hear of the registration; we registered ourselves with K100 as registration fee, K25 for identification cards and other expenses amounting to more than K600,” Manua said.

“All the youths in the four electorates of the province are waiting if their needs would be looked into and some are starting to destroy public properties,” he said.

He was referring this to the Momei Oval grand stand which was badly destroyed and only a skeleton of the building remained.

“This is not the only public property destroyed, many other properties have been vandalised in the last few months and frustration are mounting up,” he said.

“We have respected the LLG elections and have not stage the protest but will be done soon after the election.”

Manua said when the announcement was made to register youth groups, everyone became interested and registered themselves hoping to get something that would help them sustain their livelihood.

He said many youths had refrained from illegal activities and stayed focused in doing something worthwhile for the community and the province but the negative result was driving them back to their original life.

“I appeal to the Southern Highlands provincial administration and Governor William Powi to make fair decisions and make funding available to every youth in the province,” he said.

He said the province can have good development plans but youth development issues should also take priority.