Single mum is an auto mechanic

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The National, Thursday 08th December 2011

A SINGLE mother from Wairiki village in Toma, East New Britain, has qualified to be a mechanic.
Grace Michael received her certificate in advanced auto mechanic at the Woolnough Vocational Training Centre on Sunday.
Michael decided a year ago to take up the male-dominated trade starting with a six-month basic training and another six months advanced auto mechanic training.
She received her certificate in advanced auto mechanical training witnessed by friends and family.
She said she decided to take up the challenge when she rea­lised that her family spent so much money on hiring mechanics to fix their PMV bus – their main income-generating business.
Michael said she started off with basic training and after six months, she proved to her male colleagues that she was equally good in the trade, motivating her to take up the advanced auto mechanical training.
“Often men do not expect women to do things men can do but as a single mother and a woman I can do auto mechanics after graduating,” she said.