Sir Arnold fails to stamp his authority

Letters, Normal

THE peaceful town of Madang is under siege by criminals; both within and beyond the province.
Many people, especially locals, are wondering what is happening to their town.
Aliens have invaded the township and many are blaming the recent economic ventures taking place including Ramu nickel, Marengo mine, RD Tuna, Pacific Marine Industrial Park and the lucrative betelnut industry.
Settlements have mushroomed.
Should we sacrifice our peace for short-term economic gain?
Should we embrace economic wealth and deny the fact we have already fallen victim to negative consequences brought on by foreign multinational corporations?
Are the locals being silenced by political elites?
What would Madang be like in 20 to 30 years?
I call on Sir Arnold Amet to answer the questions as the people of Madang want to know his answers.
His reluctance to take action is seen by many as a weakness and the criminals have capitalised on that.
Imposing alcohol ban and curfew will not resolve anything.

Samuel Roth