Sir Julius hailed as a top knight


TWENTY-FOUR students attending the Our Lady of the Sacred Heart International School under the governor’s school of excellence programme were given the opportunity to meet Governor Sir Julius Chan and tour Government House.
Among them were three students due to travel to Australia under the overseas education scholarship programme.
Beaming with smiles and new-found enthusiasm, they expressed gratitude towards the Sir Julius Chan-led government for giving them once-in-a-life time opportunity to attend a school which many of them only dreamed about attending.
Chief executive for government subsidy Mactil Bais,who was also present along with director for education Apelis Benson, director subsidy Iola Tamtu and principal of OLSH Jo Martin.
Relaying that the government had invested a lot of money in order for them to have quality education, they had to perform to expectations.
Martin said students were fitting well into the school, that the school board expressed gratitude for NIPG’s swift intervention to save the school from closing down its high school classes.
“OLSH will continue to bring world class education to New Ireland, we have hard working staff and a schooling culture that takes into account a wholesome and holistic approach to education.”
Benson relayed that the arrangement with OLSH was just the beginning with the Governors Schools of Excellence concept to be captured into all the schools in New Ireland through the up skilling of teachers and infrastructure.
“A total of 30 students were selected to take up studies from grades nine to 11 with 10 enrolled for each grade.
“At the same time 30 per cent of the total number of these students have been selected from remote areas of the province but this will gradually increase to enable 70 per cent of rural students to enroll at the OLSH Governors School of Excellence by 2020.”