Tanya takes online option


Tanya Oveai, 25, will continue studying business administration online after graduating with a diploma in information technology systems administration at International Education Agency School (IEA) of Technical and Further Education (TAFE) in Port Moresby on Friday.
Oveai, pictured, will be working on her third qualification at the same school, but this time through online programmes while working.
The school graduated three students after six months of online programmes.
IEA TAFE manager Chris John said three main courses were delivered online: business, finance or accounting and leadership.
Other courses that involve a lot of practical are not offered online.
“We are improving our services to help the people who are working to study using online programmes,” Jones said.
Oveai graduated as one the top students in her diploma in information technology networking last year.
She got her second qualification, a diploma in IT systems administration, among 205 graduating students at the schools 21st graduation event.
Oveai will continue her third qualification online.
She said there was a need to master some business skills and ideas while working as an IT specialist in any organisation.
Oveai believes that it will motivate her dream of being a business person.
She is still looking for a job.
“I will do business administration courses to support my IT knowledge in the work environment, as IT systems administrator and start up my own business in the future,” she said.
The school is a PNG and Australian-accredited institution and delivers courses on certificate and diploma programmes.
The courses are tourism, children’s services, business administration covering finance and accounting, hospitality and commercial cookery, and information, digital media and technology.