Sir Mekere funds church groups and water project

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OPPOSITION leader and Moresby Northwest MP Sir Mekere Morauta said church-run institutions provided some of the best services to promoting the well-being of the people as well as assisting in social areas.
Sir Mekere said this when presenting a cheque totalling over K49,000 to four church groups and for the completion of a water supply project in his electorate yesterday.
“I am committed to working in partnership with Christian churches and other NGO in providing education and health services.
“You are all aware that all politicians have been given some money by the National Government but the process of drawing down the money is very slow.
“I have started getting approval from Treasury and Finance and the Rural Development Office,” Sir Mekere said.
He explained that the activities were funded under the non-discretion component of funds as approved by his district planning and budget priorities committee.
Sir Mekere urged the recipients to spend the money well for the intended purposes for the benefit of their members and the general public in their respective communities.
When asked about the road conditions in his electorate, Sir Mekere said that he was still waiting for K6 million to be approved so that work could start on suburban roads.
“City council concentrates too much on the main freeways in the city and forgets about suburban roads.
“I have suggested to the governor that some priority be given to suburban roads, we have cleaners on the main roads doing a very good job.
 “There’s nothing to sweep but they are still sweeping.
“I have suggested to the governor that some priority be given to suburban roads.
“I know the city council can borrow up to K50  million or more and engage four or five contractors at one time to do a major work on suburban roads in the next two years,” he said.