Sir Michael calls for free and fair elections in district, province

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The National, Tuesday August 6th, 2013

 EAST Sepik Governor Sir Michael Somare has urged public servants in the province to ensure free and fair elections in Angoram.

“The choice of leaders is with the registered voters.  It is not for government officials to predetermine the outcome of an election,” he said.

“There is ample evidence that certain political parties and candidates are seeking to compromise public servants involved in the electoral process. 

“The Electoral Commission and all relevant authorities must forcefully stamp out this sad trend.

“Therefore, I will do all within my power to ensure that public servants and electoral officials interfering with the process are disciplined, terminated, and never again allowed to participate in the election process. 

“If any evidence of electoral fraud is evident in our province, I will immediately pursue full prosecution under the criminal code.

“If we are to maintain transparency in this and in future elections, provincial public servants and electoral commission staff must be professional and remain neutral and they cannot support individual candidates,” Sir Michael said.

The district is to elect a new MP to replace the late Ludwig Schulz.