Six houses go up in smoke

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday 29th August, 2012

Six houses in Hudini village, South Ambenob local level government, Madang, were razed to the ground on Monday after catching fire from burning debris in a nearby garden.
Martin Imban, one of those affected by the fire, said the houses along the 4-Mile/10-Mile feeder road went up in flames at around 1pm.
He said that valuable items like clothes, cooking utensils and other accessories worth thousands of kina were destroyed.
Imban, a tenant in the first scorched house, said attempts to put out the fire were unsuccessful as strong winds fanned the blaze in the area, which had expe­rienced dry conditions for more than two months.
He said victims had gathered and listed items that were lost and they would go to the office of the district administrator and Madang parliamentarian, Nixon Duban for help.
Imban, who lost property worth more than K7,000, said that their hopes of getting help from the provincial disaster office were dashed when told the office had no money.
He said those affected were living with friends and relatives, while others were using canvas provided by the local Lutheran church.
Despite the severity of the fire, the nearby Yagaum health centre reported no deaths or major accidents.