So no to the Maladina bill

Letters, Normal

I WRITE to condemn the Esa’ala Member Moses Maladina’s proposed bill to limit the Ombudsman Commission’s functions.
I don’t see any need for the change.
He said the proposed bill was for the benefit of the people in the rural areas because the Government’s money would reach them without delay.
Let me ask: “Who and what is the Ombudsman Commission?”
It is the law.
Law is the only benchmark which everybody, whether you are an organisation, a politician, a group or an individual, has to live with.
It is not the OC that holds back the money for the rural people but it is the MPs themselves who lock the people’s money at Treasury account.
The OC does not have any bank to keep all the people’s funds.
The commission’s role is to make sure that the funds for the people reach them genuinely without any toea being spent elsewhere.
I appeal to the people to make a stand against the bill because I believe MPs want to use the funds for their own private gain without having anyone to watch over them.
If they really want to help the people, then the MPs should be happy there is a law to guide them.
Just imagine if funds were released without guidelines and conditions attached.
Do you think these corrupt MPs can handle the fund properly for the people’s benefit?
Therefore, my appeal to the public is please raise your voice against the Maladina bill.


Mathew S Mangau