Societies lack money skills: Chair


MANY co-operative societies in the country do not have any form of financial and management trainings and support, according to a co-operative association.
Umbrella association – Northern Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) Co-operative Association chairman David Ogove said co-operatives could fill the missing link between the district development authority and the local communities.
Ogove said the society with its local management company, Pacific Doers Ltd, was keen to promote downstream processing of all commodities with its nine co-operative societies participating under its umbrella association.
He said commodities such as vanilla, cocoa, coffee, gold, cattle, fish, cardamom, spices and timber could all be downstream processed and value added.
“People of Oro province have not seen any tangible developments on the ground over the years from district support improvement programme (DSIP) and provincial support investment programme (PSIP) funds from elected members of parliament,” Ogove said.
“Such challenges motivate the Northern SME Co-operative Association with its long-time local partner, Pacific Doers Ltd, in mobilising Oro co-operative societies in promoting the Take-Back-PNG vision and its policy on downstream processing.
“History has shown small businesses, co-operative societies and SMEs are the engine for economic growth and big economies like the United States and China over the centuries have built their economies from such activities to get to where there are today.”
He said currently training programmes were organised but financial assistance was needed.
“Northern SME Co-operative Association would like to see support from our three members of parliament for mobilisation.”

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