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MILITARY officer Lt Murray Oa, charged with assaulting his wife Debbie Kaore in June, is committed to stand trial in the National Court next year after sufficient evidence was found against him yesterday.
Waigani Committal Court Magistrate Tracy Ganaii said there was a concern in relation to Oa’s charge because the court had noted that the doctor’s report showed no permanent injury on her. “The only concern I have in relation to the charge of grievous bodily harm is what is stated on the doctor’s review report that there is no permanent injury, no permanent damage, no broken bones but a scar on the forehead,” Magistrate Ganaii said.
She said based on the circumstances of the case, there was prima-facie evidence of unlawful assault which was not justified by law.
She said the only thing related to the charge against Oa was in relation to the permanent injury on Kaore stated in the medical report as a cosmetic scar.
Magistrate Ganaii, on committing the matter, stated that the concern was for Oa’s lawyer to raise it at the higher court. Oa, 33, of Waima village in Kairuku-Hiri, Central, was charged with causing grievous bodily harm to Kaore at Goldie Barracks on June 1.
It was alleged that he was drunk when he returned home and asked Kaore if he could use her phone to send an email.
He saw a Tiktok video of his wife on her phone and asked her what it was about. He then assaulted her.
The assault had caused injuries on Kaore’s left thigh, left cheek and the left side of her forehead.
Kaore went to Paradise Private Hospital for treatment and later laid a complaint at the Police Family and Sexual Violence Unit.
The matter was adjourned for National Court listings on Feb 11, 2021.


  • Thank you Magistrate, it is well understood that the female partner sustained injuries to her body, and that this situation came as a result of tiktok thing. Any word of advise from you to the married females in this country regarding respect to their family and respecting themselves as married women. Or is there any married norms left to practice and have some privacy and respect of a marriage bond.

  • The wife should be charged for causing the problem. What is the point of addressing the result, instead of the cause.

  • Magistrates, judges and lawyers need to look at the primary sources of FSV anf GBV related issues and court cases. Be fair and let justice prevail.

  • I’m sure it was a good bitting she received.
    Tiktok bai givim wanem lo en na em like ticking to King too.

    Stupid meri nabaut. Respect your marriage and keep your body private for your husband only.

    OA you did right. Thumbs up

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