Solve overdue teachers’ queries


THE Teaching Service Commission through the Education Department should fast track outstanding teachers’ registration and pay issues at the time when our country is being hit by the Covid-19 pandemic.
Many of these teachers have come a long way from the remotest part of PNG.
They have been here for their pay queries and registration issues for a very long time now.
The Teaching Service Commission is the employer of these poor servants.
The teacher education division, the payroll division and others down the line should be customer oriented.
Serve with dignity, honesty and pride.
Be accountable to who you serve.
There is no effective tracking system to attend to teachers’ queries and fix their problems quickly.
Many are being trapped in between the third parties on the line and are getting lost on the way.
Every Tuesdays and Thursdays are client service days and the teachers come on Tuesday following up on their queries.
They are then told to come on Thursday.
On Thursday, they are again told to come on Tuesday.
And it continues on and on and on like this.
These teachers continue to wait, impatiently.
The system is corrupt and needs improvement.
These teachers are being fooled when they approach Fincorp Haus.
How can an employer, a key government agency, treat its dedicated servants like this?
The Government has lifted the total lockdown and so the teachers will be following up on their same cases.
Responsible officers should act quickly so teachers could return back to teaching.
I speak on behalf of all the new graduates who have not been given provisional registration and teachers who are facing other pay issues.
I appeal to the Education secretary and TSC chairman to direct your divisional heads to clear up these overdue issues without delay so these teachers can return to where they came from.

DoE Slave,
Waigani Swamp

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