Solve problem the Motuan way

Letters, Normal

THE recent clash between two Motuan villages of Porebada and Boera is unfortunate.
I am sure that had the Donigi Plan was adopted by the Government, the land-related issue would not have ended up this way. 
It was not the Motuan way. Motuans, like the rest of the people in Central province, are peaceful. 
They have learnt many years ago to always discuss and resolve any disagreement instead of taking the law into their own hands.
I urged the two affected villagers to sit down and resolve this in a typical peaceful Motuan customary way.
As a community leader, a former MP implicated in the incident must get both village elders and community leaders to work collectively to resolve this issue. 
Failing this, it has the potential to get worse and could even affect the LNG plant project.
After we resolve this matter, I propose a combined village sports clubs be formed between Porebada and Boera.
Sports and other related village-based activities are a great uniting force.
It is time Porebada and Boera form a combined rugby league team to play in the PRL as a gesture of peace and friendship.
Both are great Motuan rugby league playing villages.
The teams should also have players from the four villages that will be affected in the LNG project – Porebada, Boera, Papa and Lealea.
I have talked with some of my relatives and former Sogeri school friends from the four villages to get together with their peace committees, church and community leaders, councillors, educated elites and the village youths to talk over this matter seriously and restore peace and normalcy for the communities’ sake.
I call on the two villages to do the right thing by handing over those who took the law into their hands to the authorities.

Reginald Renagi