Somare Govt fails to deliver the goods

Letters, Normal

The National

Although the Government has been in charge for two terms, it has not taken the opportunities presented by providing transparent, accountable and honest policies. 
Instead, it uses and continues to misuse its parliamentary number to adjourn and delay debates.
This Government can only be described as parlaying dishonest policies based on a flawed logic that it is immune from any no-confidence vote. 
No government should consider itself safe when the political integrity law provides for such an intervention as a form of “check and balance”.
The people will always support a government that is honest, credible, transparent and accountable.
Unfortunately, the Somare-Temu Government has shown none of the above and the perception within and outside the country is that it is corrupt.
Since Independence, successive governments have squandered the wealth and resources of the country through the pursuit of selfish policies when in control of the nation’s purse strings. 
We read about the closure of the office of climate change due to non-payment of accounts. 
This is a disgrace and a shame.
This would not have happened if the Government did not adjourn Parliament.
The reasons given by the Speaker for the adjournment was ridiculous and shallow.
Is this not abuse of power?
The recent statements by the leader of Opposition listing the various scandals and abuses are not a surprise.
Yet the Prime Minister did not see fit to take any action against the various ministers and MPs over allegations of corruption.
We can only rely on the belief that in PNG, democratic principles like a free press, an independent judiciary and the people’s will, will ultimately decide the fate of a corrupt and evil Government.
When governments squander a country’s resources, wealth and assets, they must be removed.
After almost 35 years of Independence and billions of kina flushed down the drain, we have not progressed to a stage befitting and consistent with a nation rich in natural resources. 
Now the Government is talking about revenue from LNG and nickel projects, but it failed to account for the billions received from minerals mined at Bougainville, Misima, Lihir, Ok Tedi, Porgera and oil and gas from Highland provinces.
Are we to believe that proceeds from LNG would be put to good use considering our bad track record?
What this country needs is strong, decisive and fearless leadership based on the tenets of our Constitution, not “tribal fiefdom” cultivated through a reward system of cronyism which is “cargo cultist” in nature.
It is pleasing to read the Ombudsman Commission coming out publicly stating that it will investigate the decision to adjourn Parliament and whether a breach of the Constitution has been made.
We are all waiting with bated breath for the next chapter in PNG history.



NT Korapshen
Port Moresby