Sometimes sacking does not pay

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday, June 9th 2011

I REFER to the sacking of senior ministers Don Polye and William Duma.
I had hope acting Prime Minister Sam Abal would be a standout leader over time as he was promoted unexpectedly to the second top job in the country.
His straightforwardness and no-nonsense approach to running this country are most admired and appreciated by the people.
The feeling was that he would provide a different brand of leadership after learning the various leadership styles.
He seemed to be resistant to bugs which crawl along the corridors of Waigani.
However, the expectation is now questionable.
Abal has less than a year to run this country and I believe he needs senior, experienced and decisive ministers like Polye and Duma during this time.
The general election is around the corner and NA needs leaders like Polye to take the party to the elections.
Abal must not let the bugs destroy NA.
Believe me, the moment the decision was made to sack Polye, the bugs had a field day.
They have been waiting for this opportunity and they will now chew away the foundations of NA.
Come elections next year, NA will not have the numerical numbers anymore.
The current NA team is working fine, so why throw a spanner into the cogs, especially on the eve of the general election?
Abal should have simply crushed the bugs.

Tamban RPG
Port Moresby