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FINANCE Minister Sam Basil has apologised to Prime Minister Peter O’Neill for campaigning against his leadership and his People’s National Congress party (PNC) in the last election.
He admitted at Nawaeb, Morobe, yesterday that he and party members had said a lot of things, good and bad, about O’Neill’s leadership and PNC.
In a statement, Basil who was appointed Finance Minster just two weeks ago, said: “We have all seen and understand that it is politics, but we sincerely apologise.
“The people have given you the mandate to govern at the election, and we cannot deny or take that away from you and PNC.
“The next poll in 2022 is the time when the people will decide whether to withdraw or to give leadership back to you or to someone else. It is the people who decide.
“All leaders in this Parliament must fully understand this and respect the wishes of our people.
“Pangu Pati, under my leadership, took it upon ourselves to join you in Government to preserve and respect the people’s mandate.
“Our people of Morobe and Nawaeb fully understand our stance.
“We are totally committed to this government under your leadership for this term of Parliament.”
Basil appealed to MPs to respect the mandate of the people as he said a handful of members had no right to change the mandate in Parliament.
“When this country is faced with many challenges, we must put aside our difference and work together to overcome them and deliver developments and services to our people.
“This government, under the leadership of Peter O’Neill, has done so much in the last seven years.
“The people of Morobe and Nawaeb can see these developments which are bringing changes to their communities and lives.
“Myself, and all members of Pangu and Morobe stand together to support O’Neill’s leadership and his government.”