SPCA ownership questioned

Momase, Normal


CHAIRMAN of the Sepik Cooperative Association Limited (SCAL) Wilson Yaninen has called on Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare to explain who should take ownership of the former Sepik Producers Cooperative Association (SPCA) properties in East Sepik.
In a two-page letter to Sir Michael dated Sept 8, 2009, Mr Yaninen said SCAL was aware that the assets of the former SPCA company had been bought off by the Government from a liquidator and wanted to know who would be the rightful institution that would be utilising the properties for the work of the cooperatives in East Sepik.
Mr Yaninen’s action stems from the renovation of former SPCA properties in Wewak by an agriculture export company who is not part of the SCAL movement.
“As the chairman of SCAL, I have strong conviction that SCAL represents approximately 412 societies with over 16,480 members and should be the legitimate institution having title to the SPCA properties which is bought for the work of the cooperatives in the province and not Pacific Agro Export Company.
“With these developments taking place right now, it has raised concern among the members of the cooperatives and the general public as to what actually is going on with the office of SCAL, Division of Commerce and Industry or the East Sepik provincial administration, who knew very little about the property take-over,” Mr Yaninen said.
He said the people of East Sepik are aware that the revival of the cooperative movement is Sir Michael’s initiative and therefore, anything for the work of the cooperatives should legitimately come under the custody and ownership of SCAL.