Speed up clan vetting exercise


IN July 2009, former Chief Justice Sir Arnold Amet declared that the land at which Hides PDL 1 located belonged to Hiwa and Tuguba Tribes. At that time, I presented to the representatives of the developers and Government, our history and clan trees.
Since then no specific landowner’s identification exercise was carried out and everything is now based on general Hiwa and Tuguba Tribes.
The clan vetting exercise in 2013 failed and nothing has happened since then.
Maybe, the clan vetting exercise coordinator should come out and tell us what the delay is.
It’s almost 15 years now, a quarter of our lifespan has been lost without any concrete benefits from the hydrocarbons from their areas.
Land for gardening, hunting and harvesting has also been lost to foreign corporations.
More than 10 years has lapsed for the Kokopo agreement and other landowner-based agreement for reviews.
Why all the delays?
I am calling on the Government and the responsible departments to fast track the clan vetting exercise.
This will lead to legitimate landowners benefiting as well as reviewing the LNG agreement.

Paramount Chief Kini Kwaria,
Kenamu (Hiwa) Clan

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