Speed up process


THE reserved decisions on matters before the Courts are not getting the attentions they deserve, and some cases have been dragged on for years.
If the public are relying on the courts to deliver justice in a timely manner, then the actions of the courts to prolong the reserved decisions, for years, goes against the very principles which the courts system is founded on.
The courts and judges should be realistic and determine the merits of individual’s cases.
Some reserved decisions are unreasonably dragging on without a good cause, suffering many ordinary grieving parties to this date.
To add to the ongoing dilemma, in the event of death of a judge, the reserve decision matters managed by the deceased judge, can be considered as ‘miss trial’, and will go before another judge for a second trial, which can be very exhausting for the ordinary person.
If the call made by the Chief Judge, Sir Gibbs Salika, in February 2019 at the opening of the legal year, to his fellow Judges to fast track reserved decisions, have not had any impact, then rightfully so many grieving parties will continue to be denied justice due to the delay practices of the courts.

Hunters Tok Stret
West Taraka, Lae.