Speeding motorists


We are writing to express our concerns with how ignorant drivers in Lae City are.
We are two grade 5 students at Lae International School. We’re both 11 years old and may be quite young but from the news we have read, watched and heard, there have been a lot of car accidents in the past few months.
Firstly, there are speed limits set but drivers tend to ignore them.
Secondly, with Lae being renowned for its potholes, drivers are still very ignorant of the dangers of driving too fast on bad roads.
We are pleased and thankful to the authorities for the speed-breakers along Malahang and hope that we can have more of them on our main roads in Lae and up the highway as well.
Let’s help eradicate avoidable road accidents.

Emerlyn Lung and Joshua
Papachen, 5JE
Lae International School

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