Spend more on health and education, says district administrator

Lae News, Normal

The National – Wednesday, December 29, 2010

 HUON Gulf district administrator Tony Ase is angry that the funds for providing health and education in the district is being spent on settling law and order problems.

Ase said it cost the district administration K10,000 for one police operation.

“And in a year, almost seven police operations were conducted in Morobe patrol post alone estimated at between K50,000 to K60,000 altogether,” he said on Monday.

“These monies should be spent to improve the standard of beneficial services like health and education rather than law and order.”

Ase was speaking after the fighting involving seven Zia villages of the patrol post on Sunday.

“People need to learn to live peacefully with each other,” he said.

To cut down on costs, the district renovated a police station, a cell block and five police houses this year worth K200,000.

It was opened by Morobe Governor Luther Wenge and provincial administrator Kemaseng Tomala in June this year.

To date, no police personnel has moved in.