Huon Gulf people urged to educate their children

Lae News, Normal

The National – Wednesday, December 29, 2010

 THE people of Huon Gulf have been urged to get involve in the education of their children.

District administrator Tony Ase told the Asini villagers in Salamaua sub-district, when officially kicking off the week-long Asini Elementary School soccer and basketball fundraising tournament last Sunday that parents and youths were not co-operating in health and educational programmes to develop their communities.

“Let not people from other villagers, district and provinces come and develop your villages. 

“Support and develop your own children to attain higher educational skills to come back and develop your villages and it begins at the elementary level,” Ase said.

In the past three years, the competition’s registration fees have been used to build three permanent classrooms.

He said the school required human and financial resources to ensure services were given to all the three sub districts.

However, the resources expended but did not improve people’s lives because the people “could not work together to share ideas and skills, tools and finances”.

He also warned tournament participants from Wau, Mumeng, Markham, 10-Mile and Markham Bridge near Lae to be responsible in their attitudes and behaviours through out the game.

“If any problems arise during the tournament, police will not be sent in to contain the situation. If you start a problem, you must as well know the processes of resolving the issue,” Ase said.