Spill affecting Madang people


IT is finally confirmed that the sea waters in Madang was contaminated and poisoned by the highly toxic slurry spillage at Basamuk Nickel/Cobalt Refinery at Raicoast few months ago.
The independent Swiss specialist Dr. Mojon, who was engaged by the Madang administration, has confirmed this in his findings.
This will have a very negative impact on the lives of people.
The Madang government has already warned the people not use or consume fish from the sea.
This is likely to continue on for an indefinite period depending on the assessment of this problem.
People living by the sea and on the islands such as Karkar, Krangket, Manam, Bagbag, Long Island and other smaller islands have already started feeling the effect.
The sea is their life and poisoning the sea is simply starving them to death.
The micro socio-economic cycle and protein supplement of these people is completely been snapped.
This issue also affects the Tuna production cannery in Madang.
Currently, the company is canning fish which are in stock and may stop canning awaiting the purification of the sea water from the poison.
People are also afraid to buy canned fish sold in stores and supermarkets.
The Deep Sea Tailing Project (DSTP) has been challenged in court by landowners of Basamuk and MCC.
The court issued the direction to have constructive measure and proper regulation system in place to closely monitor the facility but this has never been done which has resulted in the spillage and poisoning of sea water.
The people of Raicoast and those on the islands are experiencing all kinds of illnesses. Vegetation near the shores are turning yellow and drying up.
Dead fish are filing the beach and sea shores.
People have been attributing these matters to black magic and sorcery.
Now they realise that toxic waste from the mine has been the cause of these problems.
The Department of Environment, Conservation and Climate Change and MCC rebutting the report of the scientist is ridiculous and shows lack of concern for the damage done and how to solve this issue amicably.
The Madang administration is applauded for undertaking this issue seriously and that the mine has to stop until all investigations is done and proper measures are in place to guarantee the safety of our people.

Luwi James

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  • The government of the people of PNG must face up to the problem caused by lack of care for the Grassroots by letting a foreign power tell them what to do!

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