Sporting fest for WNB this year

Normal, Sports

SEVERAL sporting activities will take place in West New Britain province this year to keep youths away from illicit activities.
Chairman of the West New Britain Sports and Recreation Authority (WNBSRA), Patrick Mavihi, is now working on the tournament charter for the province, which will see youths engage in a sports festival.
Parliament members from the province, Francis Marus (Talasea) and Tony Puana (Kandrian-Gloucester) are in full support of the WNBSRA initiative.
The week long tournament for Talasea, will be called the Francis Marus Cup and is scheduled for June in Kimbe in which volleyball, soccer, basketball, rugby union, cricket, softball, netball, boxing, kick boxing and rugby league nines will be played.
Kandrian-Gloucester will have its tournament in May and will be called the Tony Puana Cup Challenge.
Soccer and volleyball are the two sports that will be a major draw card in the Men’s and Women’s divisions, while basketball will be also another sport that the youths will be competing in at the week long tournament.
The objective of the tournaments is to promote unity among the youths in the local level governments in the two districts.
“It is also a pathway for the young athletes to expose their talents and it is now planned to be held biannually in the province,” Mavihi said.
Mavihi will be meeting with the sports representatives from the wards of the two districts next week at the provincial head quarters in Kimbe to brief them on the preparations for the tournaments.