Staff warned to stop using media for grievances

National, Normal

The National, Friday 12th April, 2013


PUBLIC servants in the Menyamya district in Morobe have been told to stop  their complaints in the media about the lack of resources they are facing.

It follows grievances raised by public servants published in The National yesterday on the poor state of roads and other infrastructure in the district which was affecting the 80,000 people. 

Local MP Benjamin Philip’s executive officer Samson Peter said any information given to the media must be verified and signed by the district administrator.

“Whoever reveals information to media is saying his or her last prayer,” he said.

He warned the media not to publish information without verifying it with the administration.

Public servants also revealed to The National text messages sent to their mobile phones by the Philip which read: “There will be changes to many servants at the administration. 

“We will have new district administrator, council and divisional managers to clean Menyamya district. Unfounded allegations were raised by small public servants and supporters of the losing candidates.

“I will come and address those allegations disturbing your mind. And to my voters, I encourage you to remain steadfast as we are okay. 

“I am healing from my sickness after surgery from Singapore. Thank you and God bless you all.”

Peter said road maintenance work had been awarded to Wabu contractor, a subsidiary of Yamando Holdings Ltd. The 10% of the K2.6 million to move equipment will be delivered today.