Stand by your virtues


While everyone desires goodness and wishes to have it, goodness is not given in its entirety.
This is not because it is limited but it is long-lasting.
Whatever goodness we experience or possess is not final or the end.
In fact, it only makes us desire more.
Therefore, those who take these material goodness as the final goal of their life easily resolve to evil actions when it is not given instantly.
Meanwhile, those who know that this life is only temporal, hope for rewards afterwards and persevere in doing good even in the face of greatest evil.
I believe goodness is not something that is only material.
Goodness comes to those who uphold good virtues.
One may be gifted with some form of goodness but if he or she does not conform to the virtues, there’ll be no sense of fulfilment and peace even if he has countless money and resources.
For material goodness is temporal while human life is eternal.
The material goodness cannot in any way satisfy completely the incomparable desires a human has for his creator.

Norman Balifun

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