Standard at Goilala High dropping, says MP

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The National – Wednesday, February 9, 2011

GOILALA MP Mathew Poia has raised concerns about the performances of Grade 10 students at Sacred Heart High School, Tapini, in the past three years.
So many parents have fronted up at his office also expressing the same sentiments.
“The results are disgusting and very pathetic in the sense that many students have scored very low and cannot qualify for placing in year 11,” he said at the weekend.
Poia said despite having the best infrastructure in the entire Central schools, Goilala High School was not doing well in the national examinations.
“Consequently, there is great number of school leavers doing virtually nothing in their villages.
“For those who are lucky to venture to Port Moresby with their cash are able to improve their grading with whatever institutions in the city but this again is a painful experience.”
He called on Central provincial education board to look at the appointments of the principal and the deputy of the school.
“Central education board has always been turning a deaf ear to numerous complaints raised against the operation of the school.
The school is a feeder to Mainohana Secondary School.