Standard of music going downhill

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday 10th July, 2012

I AM a born-musician and I get very critical when it comes to music.
In the past two to three years, so many local bands have sprung up but they are producing poor quality music and song arrangements.
Music is an art, not just a skill and one who possesses it must use it to the best of his ability to create music at the highest level.
Overseas, artistes take up to a year to record an album; five to six months for recording and another five to six months for sound mixing.
In PNG, you can have a group record all their songs in just one week and the album is out the next.
When I hear most of the songs, I wonder if they are demo recordings when they are actually not.
The songs are not well-mixed, back-up vocals are hopeless and instrument choices poor.
I commend groups such as P2UIF, Heaven-Sent and Jokema who show true professionalism and set a standard for others.
I also commend the lo­cal studios responsible for pro­­ducing professional lo­cal style of music for groups such as New Age, Twin Hoks and Skwatas.
It is time for musicians and sound engineers to think big because the qua­lity of PNG music has dropped.

Red Lee
Via email