Steel homes in demand

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The National, Friday 12th April, 2013

 HIGH demand for steel-framed homes has driven the price of steel slightly higher than timber this year. 

According to a price comparison between timber and steel prefabricated homes by major supplier KwikBuilt, a slight but notable difference of up to K5000 is evident.  

This has been attributed to customers recognising better durability and strength of steel than timber in home construction.

“It is the building material of the future,” chief executive Richard McGuinness, of Hardware Haus in Lae, said.  

An employee of KwikBuilt in Lae said the demand for steel for prefabricated buildings grew markedly since last year.

According to Lae-based salesman Jack Wallace, more than 30 steel fabricated buildings were sold last month alone to customers in Morobe, most being local MPs.

Earlier in the year, Lae MP Loujaya Toni paid for three buildings which included a three-bedroom duplex for an emergency ward at the prison hospital and a 16-man dormitory at Buimo CIS. 

Huon MP Ross Seymour purchased 20 prefabricated homes to accommodate officers of the Wampar LLG station and their families. 

Markham MP and Housing Minister Paul Isikiel had announced recently that he would purchase up to K3 million worth of KwikBuilt buildings for his electorate.