Stocken backs new acts for education, gambling

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The National, Monday June 24th, 2013


NEW Ireland Deputy Governor Florence Stocken fully supports the two new bills passed in the provincial assembly last Wednesday.

These bills were the New Ireland Compulsory Primary Education Bill 2013 and the New Ireland Prohibition of Gaming Act 2013.

They were the two highlights of the 22nd provincial assembly, which was the last sitting before the local level government elections.

“Gambling of any form is against the law of New Ireland,” Stocken said.

“The provincial government, with the support of mothers, will never welcome pokies in the province,” Stocken said. 

“We already appreciate the good work under the leadership of Sir Julius Chan and extend our support for a fair and better New Ireland for our children. 

“It is time our people learned how development and policies could actually work for the benefit of our children.

“Pokies are not in the best interest of our culture or our family values.” 

The Primary Education Bill provides for compulsory primary education in the province.

It is under this bill where children in the province between the ages five and 12 are required to be enrolled in schools for primary education.

The act will apply to the people of New Ireland and residents of the province.

The application and operation of this act is made subject to the provisions of the Education Act (chapter 163) and the Provincial Education act 2005.

The bill complements the national Government’s free and subsidised education policy, with emphasis on achieving total literacy for New Ireland by 2026.

The Prohibition of the Gaming Act 2013 bans all forms of gambling, including pokies, in the province despite it being allowed by the national laws. 

It restricts the application of the Gaming Control Act 2007 there.