Stop being lazy, Kavo tells his people

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The National, Friday November 1st, 2013

 GULF Governor Havila Kavo has urged people to do something for themselves rather than lazing around and demanding money from their MPs.

Kavo told the people at the launching of a K25m road project that will link Malalaua and Kaintiba, in Gulf, to Menyamya, in Morobe, and Obura, in Eastern Highlands, on Wednesday that they should not expect to be spoon-fed all the time.

He said they should support what the Government was doing for them to improve their living standards. 

“Gulf is a strategic province and will be an economic hub in five to 10 years time,” he said.

“As you can witness today, the Government has approved K25m to build the road connecting the hinterlands of Kaintiba and Malalaua and Morobe and Eastern Highlands provinces.”

Kavo said he would propose to the Government to create two more electorates in the province.

“I will be pushing for two more electorate for Gulf and will not rest until I achieve it,” he said. 

“Basic services are not reaching our people because there are too many people in an electorate which one MP can’t take care of. 

“I will be making a submission to the prime minister.”