Stop bride price payment, prostitution


WE have been hit by a storm whether to legalise prostitution or not.
Many citizens including me are ridiculed by the idea of commercialising sex and that is supported by strong religious beliefs.
But I believe we have to discover alternatives for those engaged in prostitution to explore before rising up against it. Is the sale of sex customary?
One of the major differences between ‘bride price payments’ and ‘prostitution’ is that the latter is retail and the earlier is wholesale because after all we are paying for the services, specifically sex from females.
Paying for sex has led to violence such as the case reported recently in Port Moresby of a sex worker being gang-raped and tortured.
Bride price payments result also in social, marital and financial problems, which further leads to domestic violence against women.
It’s just the same ending with the same foundation, payment.
To end this, we should look at ending this financial burden of marital waste, the bride price witchcraft, as I to call it.
It is tearing down our society in many ways.
I don’t know why many feminists who are standing up against domestic violence are ignoring this.
We strive for gender equality which is foreign but why not try marriage by exchanging rings, which is also foreign and not bride price ceremonies.
I believe many problems will be solved in this way.
To be biblical, Eve was made for and given freely to Adam.
If you read stories of Israelites paying for their wives later, it was introduced by pagan influences and was never meant to be that way.
If we can’t stop bride price payments, why are sex workers marginalised?
We are doing wholesale trade through bride price, and they are doing the same in trade, but in retail.
What is the difference?
Human beings are not commodities that can be valued with money.
The very people who entertain the bride price payment system are shaming prostitutes.
Let us all just stop this nonsense by putting an end to bride price payment and prostitution.

Kepsy Bagere
Concerned Citizen


  • If there is no bride price, divorce will be very high, prostitution or sex for money will be done without fear, males will not be seen as the head of the family, there will be no binding of the marriage. Rings are white men’s and PNG we have bride price. Equality, Yes traditionally people have talked about looking after wives/female and treat them good.
    My view is bride price should be limited to only less then 10 000.

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