Stop cheap poultry imports

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The National, Monday November 11th, 2013


MOROBE Governor Kelly Naru says cheap import of poultry from overseas has greatly affected the local poultry industry.

He recently told Prime Minister Peter O’Neill that thousands of poultry farmers around the country were being affected.

Naru spoke to O’Neill in Finschhafen where the PM was hosted by Finschhafen MP Theodore Zurenuoc to officiate at various programmes on Wednesday.

He told O’Neill that Morobe was the industrial hub of the nation.

“And you know we are the (biggest) source of poultry products,” he said.

“Unfortunately at this point in time the poultry industry in Morobe province is affected very badly.

“The cheap importation of poultry products is affecting our farmers, our businesses, our two big poultry companies in Zenag Highlands and Tablebirds, as well as our small holder farmers because of the cheap overseas chickens and eggs.”

Naru suggested imposing higher tariffs for imports or giving subsidies to local farmers.

“Put in place some stiff tariffs on all these imports so that our markets are not spoilt,”Naru said.

“If placing tariffs can’t be done then consider the aspects of giving subsidies to these local companies and farmers so they can compete on an equal level.”

O’Neill is expected to direct relevant departments to look into the matter.