Stop cult activities


FAMILIES and communities are the bedrock of our survival.
Formation of gangs, mostly geared by cult practices and illicit drugs, should be stopped in communities around Papua New Guinea, especially in Madang.
Cult groups are just careless and bring trouble to their own people who are part of their communities.
Preying on their own people means they are not very smart.
I urge these gangs and cult groups to stop their operations before they are hunted down like animals.
They should surrender to the police so that they live to see tomorrow.
The law has long hands and eventually, they will be caught and dealt with.
Young people should focus on education, businesses and engage in meaningful activities and advocate for change and promote safe communities for our mothers and fathers.
How do you feel when you murder a member of your society?
Stop all these nonsense and surrender.
Let the law deal with you.
It is sad to hear cult activities in our beautiful Madang.

Jack Anis Kukiwa