Stop entertaining fake paper consultants


THE fake paper consultants that flooded the National Planning and Monitoring Department with paper submissions using the project formulation document format to milk public funds for oil palm and cocoa projects seen about 10 years ago are back.
Prime Minister James Marape should step in and stop all that insanity that has been entertained for the past 20 years especially with the K400 million National Agriculture Development Plan funding to paper farmers with nothing to show for on the ground.
In fact, the role of the Government is to create an enabling environment by financing customary land mobilisation survey and registration costs for integrated land groups identified under NID System to secure their land title and ownership for venturing into commercial projects of their liking.
The Government has to open up potential economic corridors with access to roads and bridges.
It should supply power and establish schools and clinics along the stretch of the corridors.
It should beef up police.
Such surplus development budgetary funds should be channelled through financial institutions to provide loans rather than raising cheques to paper companies.

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