Stop giving Goroka town a bad image


THIS relates to the eye-witness photograph published in The National on Sept 7.
People report unnecessary things and comments in the media and paint a bad picture of our beautiful Goroka town. From the indigenous landowners of Asaroufa village, the land opposite the main Highlands highway from Suave betel nut market up to the main market and all the way to where the SengDa Hyper Mart is not state land.
It is customary land.
This means the landowners can do whatever they wish to because the land belongs to the people.
They can domesticate animals to meet their needs in terms of food, clothing, and fund for their children’s education and other needs.
Domestication of animals is our Melanesian culture and it still exists today and there is no way we can forbid people from doing it.
When you see animals roaming around Goroka, it is not your business to talk about it.
It is the responsibility of town authorities and the owners of animals to negotiate a solution on how the authority and the government could assist the people to make better paddocks for them to graze their livestock.

J4 Sukapass

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