What is PNG’s foreign policy?


WHO knows what Papua New Guinea’s foreign policy is at the moment?
I guess no one will give a definitive answer to that.
We used to have ‘Friends to all, enemies to none’ and ‘Look North’ policies.
What do we have now?
What are the specific and outlined policy that direct our interaction with other countries?
PNG does not have a foreign policy white paper or an act of parliament as yet.
We have been operating on an ad hoc basis for some time now.
I believe the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade may have a draft policy in place but I am not sure what is happening at the moment.
I doubt that draft has reached the National Executive Council.
The typical excuse for that would be funding.
There may be some other reasons as well.
A fearless, clear and specific foreign policy is what this country needs at the moment.
In fact, we needed it way before establishing any foreign relations with other countries.
Forty-five years is long enough to determine your position in this globalised world.


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