Stop giving inflated contracts for substandard work

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 3rd, 2013

 THE awarding of a K65 million contract to Hebou Construction for a four-lane road from the 6-Mile market to the Gateway Hotel bus stop is surprising. 

The length of this road is less than 3km and K65 million is excessive despite the four lanes. 

Only in PNG can a company such as Hebou be awarded another huge contract after producing a substandard 3km road from Erima Bridge to 5-Mile roundabout, part of which has since collapsed. 

If it were in Australia or other countries, such a company would have ceased operations after the collapse of the newly-built road, which was a total waste of taxpayers’ money. 

Powes Parkop, we have voted for you in the past two elections, but it seems you preach one thing and do the opposite. 

We, the taxpayers, have yet to get  value for the K11 million-beautification programme awarded to PNG Gardener apart from the watering of matured flower plants on the main streets of Port Moresby. 

Please stop this nonsense of awarding inflated contracts for substandard work and start doing things transparently for us.

With due respect to the few hardworking public servants and a few politicians who have been trying their best to deliver over the past 37 years, the rest have been taking advantage of  the 85%  uneducated population of PNG and have been milking the national purse. 

As such, we have seen no developments in this country and the infrastructure built by the colonial administrators has deteriorated.

Do not forget that God is always watching us and what we do each day despite men trying to justify their actions for their wrongdoings. 

For a change, why not do things transparently for the betterment of our children and this beautiful country? 


Jude Kopol

via email