Stop lawmakers acting inappropriately

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday October 16th, 2013

 I WISH to express my concern that many lawmakers from PNG are behaving inappropriately in Australia and possibly elsewhere around the world. 

They are not representing Papua New Guinea as responsible leaders. 

Some prominent lawmakers and leaders can be seen gambling heavily in Australia’s casinos and getting drunk in nightclubs.

The behaviour of our leaders may be among the reasons why some of our our friends in Australia do not trust Papua New Guineans.

I hope they are not using taxpayers’ funds for their personal pleasures while many in PNG are struggling to have their basic needs met.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill should enforce some strict discipline on such irresponsible lawmakers and ministers of the state. 

For so long, this country has not been represented well both by the state ministers and lawmakers in both government and opposition camps. As a proud citizen of this country, we cannot allow inappropriate behaviour by elected leaders to continue.

I appeal to the prime minister to implement measures to end such inappropriate behaviour by lawmakers.


Desmond Philip