Stop pretending to impress visitors


WHEN it comes to receiving high level guests or overseas dignitaries in Goroka, the Eastern Highlands leadership and responsible authorities become great pretenders.
They quickly organise people to clean up the town by removing rubbish heaps which has been piling up for ages, clear drains, grass cutting, etc… just to put a show and impress the visitors.
All the filth and disorder returns soon after.
On the eve of the expected third visit of the Prime Minister James Marape, we see both man and machine out in full force doing a thorough clean-up.
This is blatant mockery. The people and residents of Goroka and Eastern Highlands are not stupid.
We do not need pretenders or five minute glory seekers.
We need consistency and not “cut and paste” approach.
We need genuine and uncompromising leadership with vision to lead and take our town to the next level.
Goroka is weeping for the rule of law and order to be executed without fear or favour.
Right now, Goroka has issues which our leaders and responsible authorities have never had the balls to address.
The print media and social media has time and again raised issues of rubbish and uncontrolled street vending.
Cows are roaming around freely, people and traffic congestion issues, bus stop safety, depletion of parks, dysfunctional or non-existent public facilities, betel nut issue, encroachment and land grabbing issues, water supply, business setup in residential zones, access road issue and illegal settlements.
Whilst the citizens have their part to play, our leaders should be seen to be proactive in leading the town and its people rather than vice versa.
Maybe we need such visits every week to keep those in authority at their peak performance.

Eagle Eye,


  • Eastern highlands province has one of the malfunctioned and most ineffective public administration and even the political leaders. We are made to dance on other people’s music and can’t think for ourselves. With the current administration…I am honestly saying that this province has no leaders and administration. You see that they drive around in expansive government vehicle with their bowl bellies hanging over the steer pretending to be doing something. They park funds in guest houses and hotel and enjoying free lunches.

  • Perhaps many people followed up at concerned department at the EHProncial building only to find out that, that particular officers were rented at a restaurant doing departments work and thats another waste of EHP funds, hiding in luxury. Lets rule out corruption deal.
    Eastern sun rise.

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