Strategic move by Parkop

Letters, Normal

I commend NCD Governor Powes Parkop for making his stand clear on where he really is coming from by making his move from the Opposition to the middlebench where he can be seen as independent and neutral.
If we are really Mr Parkop’s supporters, then open our eyes.
It is a strategic move by Mr Parkop to see who really his supporters are and who are just supporting him because he is with the Opposition.
Mr Parkop has proven to NCD residents that the city can and will be the number one city in the Pacific but if we start looking at our governor from a politically-affiliated stand point, then we forget the many great things he has done for Port Moresby.
Remember this, not all politicians walk the talk, they merely talk the walk.
This means be a server not a master, serve the people as a leader and not lead without serving the people first.


Nelson Sukwianomb
Via email