Strawberries gaining popularity in Enga


There is a growing interest among women in Enga to grow and sell strawberries.
The women have learned how to cultivate strawberries in their gardens and sell them along roadside markets to earn income.
Enegon Petrus of Meapu village in Laiagam said that she depended on sale of strawberries to pay school fees for her three children.
Petrus said that she sell strawberries every week day at roadside markets along Laiagam-Kandep Road and Wabag-Porgera Highway.
She said her main customers were the travellers and children.
Petrus said she made K30 every day which she used for necessities and school fees.
Another strawberry grower, Margaret Alo of Wallen village in the Pilikambi area, said she taught many women how to plant and manage the crop using her garden as a demonstration plot.
She said that she helped them with planting materials (runners) from her garden and was currently making good money from sale of strawberries.
Alo said Innovative Agro Industry based in Sirunki initially purchased runners from her gardens at 50t each to produce and multiply seedlings for its high farm.
She said that many farmers in Laiagam and Sirunki growing strawberries, bulb onions and potatoes find it hard to transport their produce out.
Alo said it would help a lot if Lagaip/Porgera MP Tomait Kapili and Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas upgraded existing feeder roads.
She said when they had good roads, they would find it easier to transport their produce to markets in large quantities and make more money.

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