Students caught cheating upsets Ipatas

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The National, Wednesday 10th April, 2013

 ENGA Governor Peter Ipatas is disappointed that Grades 10 and 12 students in the province were caught cheating during the national examination last year.

And he accused education officials including head teachers and principals, provincial examination and standard officers for not taking any steps to stop the illegal 


The Enga provincial government sanctioned an independent inquiry into the national grade 10 and 12 examinations.

The investigation was carried out by two former educationists Gabriel Meapa and Nindil Yan.

They found out that certain former teachers from Mt Hagen city had accessed the examination questions and answer sheets from the measurement services branch in Port Moresby. These were then sold to students for between K1,500 and K3,000.

Students who benefited were from the provinces of Chimbu, Western Highlands, Enga and Southern Highlands.

The report also showed the names and mobile phone numbers of sales agents in those provinces who were allegedly involved in selling the papers.

The report stated that the practice had been going on for some time and education authorities in those provinces knew but failed to take any action to discourage it.

It also pointed out that the vulnerable students in those provinces were forced to commit the offence and jeopardised their education by “quick bucks makers”.

Ipatas said last week that the ring-leaders and those heavily involved in the practice would be referred to police for prosecution.

He said he would also take the report up with government authorities and push for appropriate action to be taken against those who were involved at the top education 


“At the same time, I will make sure those who failed to do their job in preventing the practice, particularly in Enga, will pay the price,” he said.